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What is your hearing loss costing you?

How much is not hearing your kids and family costing you? How many memories are you missing out on because you can’t hear? Do you want to be remembered as always saying “what?” and “can you repeat that?” What impact does your hearing loss have on those closest to you? Do you enjoy smiling and nodding, pretending to hear what your grandkids said? How much is hearing your family, your grandkids, your spouse worth to you?

Stop Hearing “Get Your Hearing Checked!” And Start Hearing:

  • what your grandchildren are saying
  • the chirp of the birds in the morning
  • your spouse from another room
  • your friends at a restaurant
  • the pastor before and after church
  • the TV at a normal volume level

We understand what it feels like to struggle with hearing loss

That’s why we’ve dedicated our 15+ years of service to helping people hear better.

Hear what others have to say about their experience:

Our Process


The first step is to have a conversation whether it’s on the phone or through text messaging to understand your specific hearing difficulties


We’ll set up a time to test your hearing and inform you why you’re hearing the way you’re hearing

3. TRY

If your hearing test results merit wearing hearing aids, we’ll throw a pair on you to try for a week before you buy

Look, we get it. Hearing aids are scary…

But, at Eichler Hearing Center, we know you want to be a loving and caring parent/grandparent/friend/employee. In order to be that person, you need to hear the ones you love. There are many problems you may have, which could be that you’re not doing anything about it, or hearing aids are “too expensive”, or you don’t notice enough difficulty to do anything; which makes you sad, feel like a bad person, or maybe doesn’t really bother you at all. Whatever the problem is, we believe meaningful connection with those around you is a priceless and treasured gift. We understand that hearing is a scary topic, and it takes a lot of humility and bravery to do something about it. That’s why we have you try them before you put any money forward, so that you can see the difference it makes in your everyday life. Here’s how it works: we have a quick conversation on the phone to learn about your specific hearing difficulties, then we bring you in and test your hearing for free. After we explain your results, if they merit wearing hearing aids, we’ll program your hearing test results into a trial pair for hearings aids, then have you try them for a week— FREE. So, give a call or text us at 605-622-0226 so you can stop feeling left out and embarrassed from saying “what?” and start being a part of the conversation and hearing clearly the ones you love most.

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